The Details

Client: Gooding Group Solutions: Energy Procurement Date: 2017 Team: Effective Utilities

The Client

Gooding Group is a privately owned family business based in Sheffield. Established in 1990, they specialise in supplying wardrobes and fireplaces to the construction industry. Their customers include Taylor Wimpy, Persimmon, Charles Church, Miller, Redrow and many regional developers.

The Motivation

In order to reduce their utility spend Gooding Group approached Effective Utilities to review a number of energy saving measures to help them achieve this. The Group wanted to review the current utility contracts and to discuss the potential of LED lighting to replace the traditional lighting they currently have in their factory.

The Plan

Effective Utilities carried out a utility tender exercise on behalf of Gooding Group for their power and gas contracts. It was clear that there were some significant savings to be made. A utility analysis was sent out to the customer for them to review, outlining a number of potential utility supplier tariffs for the client to choose from.

Gooding Group also wanted to consider LED lighting upgrades and for this Effective Utilities carried out a survey of the site to produce costs and potential paybacks of installing LED lighting. With this proposition Effective Utilities were able to supply the client a funded LED lighting solution which the client is looking to implement in the coming months.

The Outcome

Through Effective Utilities, Gooding Group were able to save £3,500 on their power contract and £19,000 for their gas supply, helping the customer to make savings on their bottom-line costs. Effective Utilities will be working with Gooding Group to implement their LED lighting programme in the coming months ahead.

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