The Details

Client: Fenns of Piccadilly Service: Energy Procurement Date: 2017 Where: London

The Client

Fenns of PiccadillyFenns of Piccadilly were established in the 1890s in Piccadilly, a family owned business that has been in the Silver family ownership since 1983. Fenns are catering butchers that supply only the finest quality meat and provisions, and have recently extended their excellence to the fruit and vegetable side of the catering industry.


The Plan

Fenns had a number of meters at their London site which had different contract end dates. This meant they¬†wanted to align the meters and also extend the duration of their contracts. Effective Utilities tendered out the contracts to the market with the main aim to align the end dates under the same supplier. In doing so it required us to change the customer’s meter from a 07 Profile to a 00 meter as part of the P272 regulation. We explained the process and the difference and changes to the meter to the customer ensuring they were fully aware of all future charges.

The Outcome

Fenns of PiccadillyA supplier was found who met the customer needs, Fenns signed the new contracts and Effective Utilities set everything in place for the new supply. The customer was able to not only meet their aim but also save money on their new contract. Fenns are that happy with the service they received they have given us the green light to look at their water procurement.

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