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Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation (VO) is an energy saving technology that can works by stabilising and reducing the voltage your business uses without any disruption to your electrical equipment. You may be operating at a voltage that is higher than your business needs, therefore wasting electricity and money. Voltage optimisation can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 19%, helping you to reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Why consider Voltage Optimisation?
  • No maintenance is required once fitted
  • Lower carbon output – supporting your CSR goals
  • Increase the life of your electrical assets
  • Works alongside existing energy reducing systems such as Solar PV or Heat pumps
  • Assistance with compliance targets such as ISO 50001, ESOS, CRC
  • Reduce your bottom line cost and energy consumption long term
  • Improved EPC rating for your building
  • Energy funding available
Why Effective Utilities?
  • Specialist building and machinery advice
  • Funding for energy-saving measures
  • ROI opportunities
  • Access to a package of complementary energy solutions
The Best Quality Solution for You

By gaining an understanding of how your business uses electricity and its current voltage we can work out the savings your business could be making. Our solutions are tailored to suit your business's needs, and we have the experts on hand to offer leading systems and accredited solutions.

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