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Energy Conservation

Here at Effective Utilities we also help businesses reduce their energy utility costs through our energy conservation solutions. One of our energy conservation experts will have a detailed chat with you to understand your businesses needs and then recommend a bespoke solution for you. We can help your business reduce its energy spend in two ways, these are by carrying out lighting upgrades and by voltage optimisation.

Lighting Upgrades
Most businesses aren’t aware of the huge savings that can be made by switching their lighting systems. By upgrading to lower energy demand (LED) lighting a business can achieve up to an 80% saving compared to their existing lighting. The average payback period on LED lighting can be seen from as early as 18 months.

A few benefits of reviewing your lighting are:

  • Improve your buildings EPC rating
  • Assistance with ISO 50001, ESOS and CRC compliance targets
  • Tax benefits through greater capital allowance
  • Energy funding available

Voltage Optimisation
Voltage optimisation (VO) is another solution that we help businesses up and down the UK with. Voltage optimisation works by stabilising and then reducing the voltage your business uses without decreasing the quality of your electrical equipment.

Why should you consider Voltage Optimisation?

  • Lower carbon output – supporting your CSR goals
  • Works alongside existing energy reducing systems such as Solar PV or Heat Pumps
  • Increase the life of your electrical assets

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