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The water market changed in 2017 and now every business is able to choose who supplies their water. We are helping businesses compare utilities to reduce the cost of their water bills every day.

Reduce your water costs

The retail water procurement market for businesses has opened up to allow competition, improved customer service and in turn has led to reductions in costs.

Our team can help prepare you for the switch by carrying out a retrospective audit and thereafter can help tender out your water contracts to water suppliers. We will work to align your supplies and sites and help you to understand the benefits of choosing a new supplier.

Our independence allows us to make transparent recommendations for the sole benefit of you, we have relationships with all the major water suppliers, and we understand which ones are right for you.

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We have a range of energy products to suit you:

What we do

  • Review utility spend, usage and supply contracts
  • Understand what is important to you and why
  • Tender your utility contracts and suppliers
  • Make contract and purchasing recommendations
  • Manage and secure your utility contracts
  • Invoice validation
  • Risk management

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