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Utility Monitoring

Monitoring, targeting and reporting your utility consumption enables you to see when and where you are using the gas, power and water that supplies your machinery and site/s. By monitoring your consumption you can help take control and reduce your costs.

Why Monitor Your Site?
  • Save between 8%-16% consumption*
  • Understand your consumption per site per day
  • Evaluate performance when unoccupied
  • Evaluate against average usage
  • Find periods of high or low consumption
  • Identify the profile of your consumption
  • Track trends in performance
  • Identify Maximum Demand
  • Identify seasonal trends
*The Carbon Trust

How does it work?

Our simple WiFi system will allow you to track and monitor, day by day, week by week or year by year. Using your site/s half hourly utility data you will be able to set bespoke reports helping you reduce your utility costs by simply monitoring progress. Utility Monitoring works by:

  • Collecting half hourly data consumption
  • Setting and running automatic reports to your inbox
  • Setting parameters triggers and alerts
  • Setting exceptions on demand and occupancy
  • Profiling by year, month, week or day
  • Allowing you to log in and use via WiFi
Sub Metering Solutions

If you want to take your consumption monitoring to the next level we can help you to understand key equipment within your building/s. Sub metering allows you to track where energy is being consumed within your business from machines, lighting and air conditioning. Effective Utilities has various monitoring and metering solutions to help your business.

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