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Retrospective Audits

Unearth the costly mistakes

Retrospective audits will ensure you are being accurately billed for the power, gas and water that you use. Our recovery service will allow your business to re-claim any money's owing due to miss payments of bill consumption, taxes and other industry levies and charges when it comes to your utilities.

A full third party review is carried out including distribution, transmission and balancing charges which will highlight queries and any accruals per site. As well as any potential for future miss payments to avoid unnecessary billing.

Your retrospective audit will include a full KVA review on capacity charges, to ensure accurate billing.

With all utilities, not only can billing errors be picked up, but through a site audit simple building faults may also come to light; fixing water leaks and removing dormant energy meters within the building.

Our utility recovery services comes with the benefit of a no win no fee option, and a simple ‘share of savings'.

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