Your Business and Renewable Energy

Is your business assessing its energy supply?

Switching to renewable energy sources has numerous benefits for a business and with a collective effort, we can make positive changes to the national economy and the global environment!

The Business and the Renewables Revolution report collects the findings of other recent studies into the energy usage of businesses in the private sector. The report finds that moving to low-carbon electricity is “essential” for private companies. So why is this? As well as playing a big part in reducing your business’s carbon footprint, the report lists three main benefits of switching to renewable energy.

Build Investor Confidence

After the recent coalition of investors (worth £353 billion), there is a big focus on encouraging businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. This could be especially attractive to investors in your business.

Start an Energy Saving Programme

Companies can save as much as 10% on their energy bills by investing between 1% and 2% of their energy expenditure on an employee engagement campaign. By switching to renewable energy, this can act as a platform for changing attitudes in the workplace.

Attract Customers

A report from the Carbon Trust has found that almost 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a consumer brand that takes a positive approach to sustainability. What’s more, two-thirds of people would recommend a brand because it invested in renewable energy.
For more on how your business can benefit from switching to renewable energy sources, read the Business and the Renewables Revolution Report here.

At Effective Utilities, we provide energy reduction and saving methods for our customers, aiming to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their consumption. Get in touch to see how we can help your business work towards more sustainable energy technology.

Smart Meters – Everything You Need to Know

The Change

Old and outdated gas and electricity meters are being replaced by digital smart meters. The government has informed energy suppliers that they must offer their customers a replacement smart meter with the aim of installing 53 million in small businesses and homes by 2020.

Covering The Costs

Customers will not be forced to have one installed, however, all costs will be covered by the energy industry. Smart meters digitally measure gas and electricity consumption allowing you to see exactly how much energy you have been using and how much it has cost you. This information is also automatically sent to your energy provider, cutting out annoying estimated bills.

Big Savings

The main benefits to energy customers are that you will be able to see exactly how much energy you are using and monitor it daily. Being able to see how much money you are spending, on the specific area of your business, at a precise time of day could end up saving you hundreds, even thousands every single year. The government has estimated that smart meters could save the UK £17bn on our energy bills over the next 15 years. The amount of data that smart meters provide can help us to make much more informed decisions about our usage habits and where we spend our money. Digitisation of the energy market will also increase competition among suppliers, with home and business customers the ones to benefit.

Quick and Easy

As businesses will have greater access to their energy data, energy saving measures can be applied effectively, costs can be cut and switching suppliers becomes much simpler. Ofgem aims to make it as quick as 24 hours when switching.

Effective Utilities can help you take control of your energy consumption by finding you the right solution to suit you and your company, enquire today.

P272 – Are you ready for the change?

What is P272?

P272 is an Ofgem change to the Balancing and Settling code. It impacts on half-hourly meters otherwise known as Maximum Demand meters (profile classes 05-08). As a result, meters will be upgraded or reconfigured to automatic meter reading (AMR) to provide half-hourly meter readings.

What does it mean for me?

The change is estimated to affect 160,000 meters across the UK. P272 will make meter reading more accurate, which will allow you to break down your energy usage to become more energy efficient and reduce your consumption.

When will the changes take place?

From 5th November 2015 meters will need to be upgraded at the next renewal, so that by 1st April 2017 all meters meet the industry-wide deadline.

What does Effective Utilities do?

We work with a number of energy suppliers to provide our clients with the best solution for your business by offering:

• 1-5 year pricing through all market suppliers
• Guarantees of rates being fixed for contract duration
• Competitive meter operator contract if required
• Meter upgrade with no inconvenience to the customer

How can Effective Utilities help?

Effective Utilities can help you to understand what P272 is, and how they will affect you and your business. We assist customers in obtaining AMR meter installs and help through the price changing process to get the best deal. Effective Utilities also work with customers who currently fall within P272 and have AMR already to provide half-hourly pricing, at competitive rates.